"What do I do? Hike, bike, swim, play tennis? Collect treasures and spy on the starfish while you picnic on the beach? Swing in a hammock, sit on the porch with a good book? Breathe the country air...listen to the silence...smile. I've come back every year since I found this heaven. I take my family (who adore Outer Island) but I really go for me".

Margot Jones, West Vancouver, BC.

“A week was not enough! Outer Island is a quiet and beautiful spot and Karen is a warm and welcoming host. To say nothing of her breakfasts, which are to die for. What do you mean I have to go back to the city to work?”

Dale Drewery, Arts & Entertainment reporter, CBC News.

"For our urban family, the opportunity to experience a working farm has been life changing. Our previously fast-paced, over-scheduled reality has undergone a major shift. We have been given the chance to tune in to the many things that make a rural farm lifestyle unique, enriching, and valuable. There are the obvious things such as fresh air, natural spaces to explore, and a night sky full of stars. More importantly though are the daily experiences through which we have gained respect and appreciation for all that happens at the farm and its value to the Hornby Island community and beyond.Among the many things we have experienced and witnessed are the birth of lambs in the spring, the fall fruit and vegetable harvest, feeding and caring for the animals both large and small, the planting of the garden, and the daily work involved in raising animals and growing food, rain or shine. We now have a long list of "firsts", perhaps too many to count. We are struck by the commitment, sense of stewardship and compassion that good farming practices require. Knowing life on the farm and becoming a part of the Outer Island family has had a profound effect on each one of us. This will ultimately mean better lifestyle choices for our family, and more responsible choices for our environment as we return to the big city."

...Our 1 year stay at Outer Island. -The Neumann Family. Calgary AB.

If one could paint a picture of peace it would be that little cottage in the field beside the big house on the farm. If one could bottle the air and capture the starlit sky… There are so many things that bring us back each year, but perhaps it is what we leave with. Renewed perspective and refreshed soul gained ‘far from the madding crowd’.

Sheila Gutsche and family, Vancouver BC

“Outer Island was recommended to me by a dear friend and then Marc (Marc Atkinson) mentioned that it’s a great place to stay while recording at his Studio. Recording is an intense process and I was thrilled to not drive and instead use my spare time wandering down to the sea. It’s especially nice to have a quick stroll back and forth to the Studio through the forest. Karen and her family are so caring and you can even order some fresh chicken direct from the farm for your meals, not to mention order in breaky.” ( www.julialynx.com record now released)

Julia Lynx, Canmore AB.